Things happen for a reason

There is a tendency to identify and to identify with.
For seven years I've put my roots into your molds until slabs of my name stood erect across your land.
My presence in a place where I no longer exist.
We’ll dance again underneath the countless stars, in the hours between dusk and dawn.
And yes, I’ll tell you that they still write poetry in San Francisco.”

Sometimes you have to say goodbye to someone, not knowing when or where you'llsee them back. The only thing you know is that it's not farewell, mere an undefined “see you later”...
That's why I'm not saying goodbye to you, Cecilia. I know we'll meet up again because things happen for a reason ... the friendship we shared is a lasting memory promising more.

afscheid1So my dear friend I whish you all the best with your fresh start and I'll see you later!!

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Thank you, my dear friend. I'm touched beyond words.....but you've said it all. Here's to promises, the future and to new beginnings! xoxo

Gepost door: Cecilia | 03-10-06

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